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Entering into a commercial lease? Here are things to know

One of the most important contracts you will sign as a business owner is your lease. Unfortunately, many business owners treat a lease like an on-line terms of service agreement - scan and sign.

That's a mistake, experts say. A lease is a contract and you will be held to that contract no matter what happens to your business. Experts have a few tips to help you negotiate a commercial lease.

New York car accident leaves woman with critical injuries

It is an unfortunate reality that people cannot control the actions of other drivers on the roads. As a result, someone could consume alcohol or use drugs before getting behind the wheel, or someone could choose to use a cellphone or otherwise drive while distracted. These and numerous other hazards can easily cause a serious car accident and lead to injuries for innocent victims.

It was recently reported that a crash in New York resulted in critical injuries for one driver. The incident involved two vehicles and occurred when a 51-year-old man attempted to make a left turn in front of another vehicle. The 78-year-old woman driving the other vehicle was heading north and collided with the turning car. The incident took place around 5 p.m.

What are the potential legal issues of mergers and acquisitions?

Acquiring a business is an exciting endeavor. Acquisitions and mergers are a great way to expand your growing business. However, new opportunities always bring new challenges.

Legal considerations are one of the ways that Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) can present challenges to a business. These are a few of the potential issues that you as a business leader will have to contend with during an M&A.

Avoid these mistakes when making a real estate transaction

Selling a home is a major step for any New York resident. Some parties may think that they can handle this real estate transaction on their own, but unfortunately, it is easy to make mistakes with this type of endeavor. In some cases, an error on the part of the seller could simply mean that the house stays on the market longer, but in other cases, more serious troubles could result.

One issue that sellers want to watch out for is overpricing the property. Certainly, individuals want to get the most out of their homes as possible, but if the price is unnecessarily high, some potential buyers may pass on making a purchase due to the unappealing price. It is common for sellers to think that putting a high price on a home could give them room to negotiate, but in reality, it may just drive away possible buyers.

Copyright can help protect intellectual property

Running a business in New York or otherwise producing unique works can be rewarding but also come with its challenges. When a work is created, the producers of that work certainly do not want others using it without their permission. As a result, they may find themselves needing to copyright their intellectual property in efforts to better protect it from unauthorized use.

When it comes to copyrights, this protection allows for the legal and exclusive ability to copy or give someone else permission to copy a specific work. The permission to use or copy a work can only come from the owner of the copyright. Once a work is created, the creator automatically has a copyright to the work.

Climate-related litigation gains steam

More than 1,100 lawsuits against climate change have been filed in the U.S., according to Columbia Law School. Such lawsuits could become even more prevalent, experts surmise.

A report issued by Clyde & Co law firm predicts an increase in product liability claims against companies that contribute to climate change or fail to minimize or report on risks.

Copyright infringement suit raises questions about registration

Copyright protection is crucial to many American businesses. Copyright shields original creations of literature, music, art, drama and even computer software. When you create an original work, copyright automatically applies to it. However, you cannot file a copyright infringement lawsuit unless you have registered the copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Estate planning myths can cause serious problems

Uninformed New Yorkers often make decisions that work against their best interest. For instance, many people believe false information regarding estate planning, often resulting in individuals making no plan whatsoever. Not creating a plan, however, is a major misstep.

The first significant myth regarding estate planning is that plans only benefit individuals with substantial wealth. In reality, any adult could benefit from having an estate plan. Estate plans do not just address assets, which, incidentally, is another myth; parents can use their estate plans to name guardians for minor children, and anyone could plan for the potential need for long-term care in the future.

Companies defend against accusations in construction litigation

Facing any type of accusation can cause New York residents to be taken aback. When the accusations come against an owner's construction company, the claims may not only feel like a personal attack, but could also feel like an attempt to damage the company's reputation. Nonetheless, company owners in this predicament can work to defend against such claims when construction litigation moves forward.

Though confident in the outcomes of the case, one construction company in another state will likely need to defend against recent claims made against it. Reports indicated that a university has named Welty Building Co. and other companies in a lawsuit claiming that construction deficiencies and other faults have caused the university's stadium to suffer serious structural issues. Among those issues are chunks of concrete falling out of secured railings and cracks also appearing on those railings.

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