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Estate planning myths can cause serious problems

Uninformed New Yorkers often make decisions that work against their best interest. For instance, many people believe false information regarding estate planning, often resulting in individuals making no plan whatsoever. Not creating a plan, however, is a major misstep.

The first significant myth regarding estate planning is that plans only benefit individuals with substantial wealth. In reality, any adult could benefit from having an estate plan. Estate plans do not just address assets, which, incidentally, is another myth; parents can use their estate plans to name guardians for minor children, and anyone could plan for the potential need for long-term care in the future.

Companies defend against accusations in construction litigation

Facing any type of accusation can cause New York residents to be taken aback. When the accusations come against an owner's construction company, the claims may not only feel like a personal attack, but could also feel like an attempt to damage the company's reputation. Nonetheless, company owners in this predicament can work to defend against such claims when construction litigation moves forward.

Though confident in the outcomes of the case, one construction company in another state will likely need to defend against recent claims made against it. Reports indicated that a university has named Welty Building Co. and other companies in a lawsuit claiming that construction deficiencies and other faults have caused the university's stadium to suffer serious structural issues. Among those issues are chunks of concrete falling out of secured railings and cracks also appearing on those railings.

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