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Executors need to know what they are getting into

Taking on the responsibility of being the executor of an estate is a decision that should be given serious thought. Even then, the probate process is such that it still can be difficult to complete once underway. Prospective executors should, therefore, know what they are getting into.

An executor's duties start soon after a loved one's passing. The executor will need to ensure that funeral arrangements are made and paid for, that copies of the death certificate are obtained, and that the proper agencies and institutions are notified as soon as possible after the death. For example, if the individual had received government benefits during his or her lifetime, the agencies providing those benefits need to be notified. If any benefits are received after the person's passing, they must be returned.

Avoiding employment discrimination claims

It may also help to understand what constitutes discriminatory behavior. An employer running an advertisement seeking a preferred type of job candidate, young or male, for example, would likely be discriminatory. Another example of discriminatory behavior would be passing over a female worker for a job promotion and giving it to a less qualified male worker.

By being aware of actions that could constitute workplace discrimination, employers may be better able to avoid such occurrences. Despite best efforts, however, some New York employers will face discrimination claims from workers. When that happens, employers will need to review all available legal options for defending against such a claim. Working with experienced employment law attorneys then becomes imperative.

The characteristics and styles of dog aggression

Dogs can be docile, friendly, loving, and playful pets that are welcoming to any child or adult. If treated poorly, or if they have experienced trauma due to past abuse, they can develop shy, anxious, and in some cases, aggressive personalities.

Though there is a stigma against certain breeds, especially terriers, any dog, even a happy one, can become hostile and aggressive if pushed to its limits or experienced trauma.

Starting a business not impossible for older individuals

Individuals of any age may feel a sudden need to make a career change. Despite working in one profession for many years, a person may feel the need to start their own business. Older workers may believe they have missed their opportunity to start such an endeavor, but that may not be the case.

In fact, these experienced New Yorkers may have qualities that could give them a leg up in the business world. They likely have had experiences requiring troubleshooting skills and challenges that could help them handle the ups and downs that come with starting a business.

Car accident results in serious injuries for New York teens

Newly licensed teenage drivers enjoy sharing their newfound freedom with friends. Unfortunately, because of their inexperience, these celebrations sometimes end in an accident.

In a recent serious accident in New York, teenagers were injured in such a circumstance. Five teens were riding in the same vehicle when the accident occurred. Only one vehicle was involved, and it was unclear what caused the accident. Emergency personnel responded at approximately 1:25 in the morning. In the vehicle were one 16-year-old, three 17-year-olds, and one 18-year-old.

Company faces construction litigation over defect claims

As with any business, construction company owners could come under fire if individuals or entities believe that the completed work is not up to scratch. In some cases, claims against a construction company could come years after the project is completed if others believe that defects caused the structure to suffer. As a result, construction litigation could take place.

New York readers may be interested in a lawsuit recently filed due to alleged construction defects with a residential hall at a college in another state. According to reports, the College of Charleston has filed suit against Holder Construction Group, McAlister Development Company and subcontractors for what it claims are defects and code violations that have resulted in damage to the residence hall. The lawsuit specifically claims that the defendants did not install elements to help prevent leaks in the building.

Construction litigation pending over damage to existing building

New structures are often built next to existing ones. And it is not uncommon for owners of existing structures to worry about damage caused by the new construction. In some cases, construction litigation will be initiated if new projects appear to cause damage.

New York readers should note a lawsuit filed recently in another state. According to reports, the association for a condo tower built in 1983 had concerns over a new condo tower being constructed next door. To mitigate these concerns and the effect the new construction would have on the already existing building, the condo association entered into an agreement with the new condo developer and association.

The executor has a great deal of responsibility during probate

Losing a parent is devastating, no matter what age it occurs. If it happens when the children are adults, it is likely at least one will be in charge of ensuring the parent's final affairs are settled. Acting as the executor of a New York estate can be challenging, but necessary.

When the deceased parent creates an estate plan before passing, the probate process is much easier. If so, it is necessary to obtain the estate documents to determine how the parent intended the assets to be distributed and how to handle other related matters. The estate plan could also indicate who is in charge of addressing the remaining affairs because the parent could name an executor in the will.

New York car accident involving bus injures 9

Many people take public transportation for a variety of reasons. They may not enjoy driving themselves places or may not have the ability or means to do so. Though buses are much bigger than other types of vehicles, passengers could still end up suffering injuries in the event that a bus is involved in a car accident.

It was recently reported that a crash in New York resulted in nine people being injured. Apparently, a car was heading south when the driver failed to stop at a red light. The vehicle was speeding and collided with the passenger side of the bus, which caused the bus to leave the roadway and hit a vehicle in a parking lot. There was no one in that vehicle at the time of the incident.

Considering legal purpose important when starting a business

When forming a business, it is important that entrepreneurs think about what they want their company to accomplish and the goals they have for the future. It is also important to think about the purpose of the business, which goes beyond simply indicating that the purpose is to provide a product or service. New York entrepreneurs may want to understand the importance of their company's purpose when starting a business.

In many cases, having a business purpose is required by law. These purpose statements can be included in formation documents and do not necessarily have to be overly detailed. In fact, many businesses generally indicate that the purpose is to pursue any and all legal business activity. However, it may be necessary to have a more specific purpose included in the applicable paperwork.

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