Buffalo, New York, Real Estate Transactions Lawyer

The experienced real estate attorneys of Colucci & Gallaher, P.C., in Buffalo, New York, excel at the drafting, negotiation and review of contracts for any real estate transaction presented by clients in western New York, regionally and nationwide.

The firm's extensive knowledge of real estate practice areas ranges from commercial leases and purchase agreements to residential closings and title insurance. The skilled attorneys of C&G ensure that the legal ramifications of each agreement match a client's stated objectives.

As with any major focus at the firm, C&G strives to provide the highest-quality legal services on time and at a reasonable cost.

In 2004, the firm acted as purchaser's counsel in what was at that time the area's largest real estate transaction — a $77 million purchase of business real property assets.

Buffalo Lawyers Handling Commercial And Residential Real Estate Transactions

Clients receive full-service assistance for any commercial and residential matter, mortgage financing and real estate contract. The firm also plays a prominent role as examining counsel for a major title insurance company. Title insurance is typically required for purchases, refinances and commercial real estate transactions. Below you will find a link to a rate calculator to view or estimate the anticipated title insurance charges for your transaction.


Real estate law can impact a municipality, construction of a home or office, and the environment. A real estate dispute over boundaries can send parties to court for civil or commercial litigation. To discuss your real estate law issue in an initial consultation with the advisors and advocates at Colucci & Gallaher, P.C., contact the firm.

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