Buffalo, New York, Product Liability Lawyer

Colucci & Gallaher, P.C., has nationwide experience successfully defending product makers, designers, distributors, sellers and owners in relation to claims relating to product design, manufacture, warnings, warranties and fraud. That experience, recognized by the firm's current clients, means that C&G's lawyers travel around the United States providing some of the most progressive and aggressive defense-oriented legal services in this area of law.

The Colucci & Gallaher, P.C., legal team generally begins its work when an accident or incident occurs, traveling to inspect the product and scene to gather information that others may not see as important until much later. Early, extensive and continuing contact with the client and a relentless pursuit of every helpful fact or legal principle mean the greatest potential for a favorable outcome.

The firm's experienced lawyers have effectively represented a number of companies as national counsel throughout the United States, including the world's largest aerial work platform manufacturer and the nationwide leader in specialty trucks. C&G has tried many lawsuits while practicing in state and federal courts across the country, and is responsible for new law in this practice area in New York state and elsewhere.

Advisors And Advocates For Product Liability Issues In Buffalo And Nationally Since 1997

The firm's varied menu of skilled business legal services benefits product liability clients locally, regionally and nationally in practice areas that include prosecution and defense of personal injury claims, property damage litigation, insurance defense representation, construction litigation, municipal liability, toxic torts and environmental issues.

Contact the firm to speak with an experienced Colucci & Gallaher, P.C., lawyer about legal actions related to defective and malfunctioning products such as work machinery or retail items.

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