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Experienced Buffalo corporate lawyers, generally, are methodical and expensive. Unfortunately, neither of those characteristics serves the client well. The business lawyers of Colucci & Gallaher, P.C., have the experience to handle the most complex business matters, but view their role to include cost-management and timely results.

These are more than just corporate lawyers — they are advisors and advocates to emerging and established businesses throughout western New York, the northeastern U.S. and nationally.

The attorneys of C&G know that the client's business is what matters most, and that the language negotiated in a contract or lease can be the difference between exceeding the plan and making excuses. Careful planning and drafting are essential to maintaining budget and avoiding disputes.

Contractual issues regularly handled at C&G include commercial leases and property agreements; employment-related documents such as employment contracts, termination agreements, severance agreements, nondisclosure and covenants not to compete; health care agreements such as patient transfer agreements; and contractual rights between municipalities, hired contractors and vendors to clearly set forth the scope of the work and manage risk.

Colucci & Gallaher, P.C. — Experienced Business Legal Services In Western New York And Nationwide

Additional corporate law practice areas in which the firm has distinguished itself are business formation, contract review and drafting, counseling, intellectual property prosecution for trademark and copyright issues, asset and stock acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, employment matters, risk management, employment and independent contractor agreements, nonprofits, tax exemptions, corporate governance, procurement and public contracting, and real estate matters.

To begin benefiting from C&G's knowledge, wisdom and guidance for any corporate law goal, contact the firm to arrange an initial consultation.

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